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Distinguished by management stability and long-tenured key employees, Allied’s executive team members are recognized benefits experts. Because we have always chosen to specialize in the benefits administration field rather than expand into broader markets, every group and employer with whom we work benefits from our acumen and domain knowledge. Our cost-effective solutions are proven to optimize cost efficiencies – every Allied client gets maximum value for their benefit dollar. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff is exceptionally focused on the needs of clients and individual plan participants. From plan administrators to our President, the people of Allied are well known for their personalized service.

  • David S. Walker

    President & CEO


  • Danielle Jackson

    Executive Assistant to David Walker


  • Ben Barry

    Vice President of Client Services


  • Cheada Lao

    Vice President of Infrastructure


  • Paul Wensloff

    Customer Relations & Underwriting Manager


  • Jerico Geronimo

    Small Business Program Operations Manager


  • Zack Zweber

    Director of Client Finances


  • Dave Bates

    Systems Development Manager


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